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  West Allegheny Inline Association Board Elections

Recently, elections were held by the Board for officer positions.  The following were elected officers for the upcoming year:

A few notes about the Board and the Coordinators and their functions.

Fundraising -

Dave Gazella will be overseeing such programs as hoagie sales, Entertainment Books, candy sales, raffles, etc.  More will come out about those specifics later and there will be information about some of those programs at the fall sign-ups, but if you have an interest in helping out or have questions about fundraising issues, Dave is the guy to contact.

Media -

As most of you know WAIH has a tremendous website and Frank Derosky has served dutifuly as webmaster for the past year.  Our website has an abundance of resources for parents, players and coaches, and I strongly encourage you to visit it and become familiar with the information it has to offer.  There are many very useful links that even the other teams and the PIRHL use to connect to.  We also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Frank will continue to oversee all things related to media and if you have an interest in helping out or have questions about media issues, Frank is the person to contact.

Varsity/JV/Middle School/Elementary Coordinators -

In an effort to effectively manage the many important issues that come up during a season, we have implemented Divisional Coordinators as listed above.  The primary purpose of the Coordinators is to serve as a liason between parents and players involved in the various divisional levels and the WAIH Board.  They serve to help solve issues that may come up and that can't be resolved at the first level, i.e. the team and coach, and that must be escalated to an Association level.

What this means is that if an issue comes up, the first place to try and resolve it will always be with the team's head coach.  If a parent or player and the team's coach cannot resolve the issue, then the parent or player may seek consultation with the appropriate Division Level Coordinator.  If the coach involved is a Division Coordinator, the parent or player may seek consultation with another Division Level Coordinator.  The Division Coordinator will attempt to resolve the issue with the parent, player and involved teams.  If the matter cannot be resolved, and sometimes even if it can be resolved, the Division Coordinator will bring the matter to the attention of the Board for appropriate action whether it be on a local or league-wide basis.

The use of Division Coordinators will allow for an open and effective communication of concerns, and provide a streamlined conduit for the flow of necessary information to the Board.  I urge you to take advantage of and comply with the Coordinator system.

Membership on the WAIH Board -

By now you are probably wondering, "How do I get involved, and how do I become a member of the WAIH Board?" Well, what it takes is a commitment to give up some of your time and to take an earnest interest in promoting the sport of inline hockey, while providing our young men and women with opportunities to grow and succeed as quality human beings.  As most of you know, WAIH is more than just about winning inline hockey games; we strive to give our players the best chance possible to learn some of life's lessons, while enjoying the camaraderie and earning the respect of their friends, teammates and opponents alike.

If you want to get involved, you can start by coming to the WAIH Board Meetings.  Those meetings are generally held the first Sunday evening of every month at Celebrations. June's meeting will be on the 5th at 7:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend who have a desire to find out what the Board is all about and if you might want to become more involved.  There is no shortage of things to do for those who do want to be involved, that's for sure!

If you have an issue - outside of becoming more involved in WAIH - that you would like to bring to the Board's attention at one of its meetings, please bring it to your Division Coordinators as outlined above.  It will be their responsibility to bring it to the Board.  (Back to Top)